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Khiva-is a city from a tale,one of the most ancient cities of Central Asia.It has its own distant history.At a period of 1920-1924 it was the capital of the Khorezm People’s Republic.Written sources on this city have come to us incomplete.The archaeological materials show thwt Khiva has sprung up at the end of the 1st century B.C.Official documents consider the 17th century as a date of formation of the city.Khiva is a unique monument of the past,a treasure of the splendid ancient monuments,it takes an exceptional position among the other cities of Uzbekistan,and owing to its specific features differs from other its cities.
The inimitability of Khiva lays in its well surviving ensembles of marvellous buildings and structures of worshipping,military,palace character,and of dwelling houses of original national type.
Remarkable monuments of the city are Ichan-Kala and Dishan-Kala which are two parts of the city.At the centre of the city towers over the multicolumn Juma Mosque wich is one of the most ancient buildings of Central Asia.An architecture of Khiva astonishes with monumentality of its forms,elegance of the ornament.
The city began to enlarge from the second part of the 19th century.But frequent internal discords disturbed the normal mode of life of the city,hampered development of the productive forces, worsened life of the population.
At the beginning of the 19th century a large place in Khiva was taken up by the domestic crafts and trade.A particular place in the domestic craft belonged to the metal working and production of the metalarticles,mainly for the needs of agriculture.By the end of the 19th and at the beginning of the 20th centuries Khiva was distinguished among the other cities of Central Asia by the manufacture of jewelry articles,knives with the golden handles,sabres and other articles.
Articles manufactured by the handicraftsmen were too expensive and their quality did not corespond to their cost.Therefore these domestic crafts were falling into decay.The reason for this decay was also that in that time from Russia and other countries were imported here the factory-made articles differing in external appearance and by the lower price.
Now Khiva is an administrative centre of the Khiva District of the Khorezm Province.There have taken place some resuscitation of the city in recent years:there were erected the carpet works,clothing factory,ceramics plant,factory of art-souvenirs and other enterprises.There were built here the new dwelling houses,children’s pre-school institutions,schools,medical institutions,amenities,administrative and public buildings.Beside the famous Ichan-Kala it is being formed the social and administrative centre of Khiva.Here now there already function the House for Services,hotel, museum of history of Khiva,trading centre.Owing to its splendid unique monuments of the past Khiva causes an invariable interest and attracts alarge flow of tourists.
Generally speaking,Khiva must further on remain to be a large historical museum city,an important centre of the widespread propagation of the unique heritages of the antiquity.