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Bukhara,like Samarkand is rich in ancient architectural monuments,splendid in their beauty,which are famous and draw attention of the large number of tourists.It has about 140 surviving architectural monuments.Bukhara,more than any other city of Central Asia,has retained the appearance of the ancient Eastern city.Bukhara is a genuine chronicle which has imprinted the thousand-year history and major stages of development of the Central Asian architecture.The age of this marvellous city is measued by the centuries.The decision is taken to celebrate the 2500 anniversaryof Bukhara in 1995.Evert monument here keeps in stillness the misteries of the remote past.
Over the number of centuries Bukhara kept a leading position among the cities of the whole Central Asia.These periods were characterized by the development of the crafts,trade,building technique,science,literature,arts in thecities.Here lived and were engaged in creative work such famous poets of Middle Ages as Firdousi,Rudaki,the well-known in the whole world,scientist of encyclopaedic knowledges Abu Ali Ibn Sino (Avicenna) and others.Bukhara had a particular place in the Moslem world.

Bukhara has many monumentsof material culture allowing to call it as museum city.

There had stood for many centuries and survived untill our days the Ismail Samanid’s mausoleum,which is the marvellous monument of the Moslem East.It embodies the best achievements of architecture of the early Middle Ages.This mausoleum, in spite of its simple composition,astonishes one with the diversity of architectural methods and by right may be called as the pearl of the East.
A silhouette of Bukhara cannot be imagined without the majestic minaret of Kalyan.The minaret of Kalyan,builded more than 900 years ago,is the highest among all known architectural monuments of Central Asia and takes a specific place in the appearance of Bukhara.It is called sometimes as the minaret of death or as “the Tower of Death” because according to the legend therefro were thrown down the criminals sentenced to death and unfaithful wives.
In the centre of Bukhara dominates and ancient citadel-the ark.It is the oldest architectural monument of the museum city.

And the other ancient monuments represent a great interest.Attention of the tourists is being attracted by the Chor-Minor Madrasah,having four high towers,by the Bola-hauz Mosque with its aivan on twentty four wooden columns,the Abdulazizkhan’s Madrasah,the Mir-Arab’s Madrasah,and others.

At one time Bukhara was distinguished by the narrow streets,large number of cemeteries,water reservoirs (hauzes) of various sizes,where the Bukharens kept the water,but this water had no good drinking properties.
The centuries had past.They left destructive traces on the seperate monuments of the city.But even in our days one admires the masterpiece of the ancient architects who had created this monuments.
Bukhara is situated at the the South-West of Uzbekistan,at a distance of more than 600 km from Tashkent.In 1993 population of the city has made up 236 thousand persons.Now Bukhara is an administrative,economic and cultural cetre of the Province with the same name.Here there was established a number of industrial interprises.
A valuable production is manufactured by the Astrakhan Plant,the only in Uzbekistan.This Plant is one of the largest interprises of the fur industry.The fur articles of this Plant are exported to Great Britain,the USA,Germany,Canada,France,Italy,Sweden and other countries.

In Bukhara there operates one of the largest cotton works in Central Asia.There are also a repairing plant,ginnery,oilery,food-wear,clothing,silkworm breeding factories.Here operate some enterprises of the building and food industries.

Bukhara is a cultural centre and a city of the travelling tourists.An appearanse of the present-day Bukhara is crested also by its institutions of higher education,technical and general secondary schools,musical schools.The immortal manuscripts of Navoi,Firdousi and other poets and philosophers of Central Asia are being kept in the Avicenne public library.
Tens of thousand of tourists arrive here every year.