About Uzbekistan

Nature and Climate

The climate is hot, dry, sharply continental. North of the republic belongs to the moderate and the extreme south - the subtropical zones. Characteristic drought, plenty of heat and light, high standing in the sun during the year. The duration of the day in summer - 15 hours, and in winter - no less than 9 hours. For Uzbekistan, characterized by warm winters and long hot summers. The coldest month - January. Average temperature in December - 8є-C in the north and 0є From the south, although some days in the north frost reaches 25 degrees and above. The hottest month - July. In summer the average temperature exceeds 35є C, and on some days can reach 45є C and above. The best time to visit to Uzbekistan - spring, from late March to early June, and autumn, from September to early November.

The nature of our region affects its contrasts. The deserts and green valleys, high snow-capped mountains and plateaus, abundant rivers and streams create a unique flavor. Most of the territory belongs to the Turkestan plains. Height Gore helped aridity, and gradually emerged desert: Kyzyl-Kum and Kara Kum. The mountains and foothills are 1 / 5 of the territory of the republic. Highest point - 4643 meters. In the republic are the slopes of ridges: the West Tien Shan and Pamir - Alai. Stretch between mountains Depression: Kashkadarya, Surkhandarya, Zeravshan, Samarkand.