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Tour title: Special tour for the lovers of hunting, fishing and mountains tourism


Duration:  13 day


Price: $759


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DAY 1. - Meeting at Tashkent International Airport

  • Overland transfer to Samarkand(270 km)
  • Breakfast on the way
  • placing at hotel, lunch
  • rest, folklore programme

DAY 2.
- Breakfast at hotel
  • Sightseeing of Samarkand: Shakhi-Zinda Ensemble(14/15cc.), Gur-Emir Mausoleum(15c.), Registan Square(15/17cc.), Bibi-Khanum Mosque(15c.), Ulugbek's Observatory(15c.)
  • Lunch at hotel, rest

DAY 3. - Breakfast at hotel
  • Overland transfer to Pendjikent(80 km)
  • Sightseeing: Rudaki's Museum, excavations of Soghdian's period
  • Lunch, overland transfer to Allauddin's Lakes(3000 m over sea level-osl)
  • Night's sleep in a camp.

Day 4.- Full day staying on the previous place.

Day 5.- Walking transfer to the Turbid’s Lakes (4000 m osl) – full day staying.

Day 6.- Walking through Mountain Pass Kaznok (4200 m osl) to Ark River –
  • Night’s sleep in a camp.

Day 7.- Walking from Ark River to Iskanderkul Lake.
  • Night’s sleep in a camp.

Day 8. - Full day staying on the previous place.

Day 9. -
Breakfast, overland transfer (by bus) to Nurata (260 km)
  • Accomodation at national house.
  • Sightseeing of Nurata : Prayer’s House of Sheikh-Ul-Khassan Nuri (14c.), S.Protector, “Father of Nurata’s Watersource”, Namoghon Mosque (16c.), antique Citadel (Alexander Makedonsky’s period).
  • Lunch, rest.

Day 10.- Breakfast, transfer to Camel’s farm (75 km).
  • Reading instructions, driving by the Camels, lunch on the way.
  • Dinner, night sleep in yurta (house of Nomads).

Day 11.-
Breakfast, overland transfer to Aidarkul Lake (32 km).
  • Swimming, fishing, driving by the boats.
  • Lunch, by bus transfer to Bukhara (220 km).
  • Accomodation at hotel, rest.

Day 12. - Breakfast at hotel.
  • Sightseeing : Mir-Arab Madrassah (16c.), Kalyan Minaret (12c.), Mausoleum of Samanids (9/10cc.), Lyabi Houz Ensemble (16/17cc.), Ark Citadel – House of Bukhara’s Ruler.
  • Lunch at hotel, rest.

Day 13.
- Breakfast at hotel, transfer to Bukhara Airport, departure to Tashkent, arrival at Tashkent Airport.

Hunting will be provided with special license.